Virtual Revolution, The Movie 2016

The Movie

Guy-Roger Duvert


Guy-Roger started as a successful film music composer in Hollywood. 
He scored several feature films, among which one nominated at Cannes Film Festival, and many blockbusters trailers. 
(Transformers 3Green LanternPrometheusLone Survivor, Power Rangers…).

He also directed several corporate movies and fictions. In 2014, he released the short movie Cassandra which, during the following 12 months, received 102 selections and 58 awards !!!

Making it the most awarded medieval fantasy short movie in history.

Virtual Revolution is his first feature film.

Olivier B

Line Producer

Olivier and Guy-Roger have known each other for a very long time ! They first started working together in 2006. Since then, all their collaborations have proved successful.
He was the Line Producer on Cassandra, and on Virtual Revolution.


Jean-François Voisin

Fisrt AD

He proved to be an amazing first AD on both films, showing experience and skill. Despite the sometimes difficult conditions of shooting, he succeeded in making us follow our schedule and in keeping a positive mood.

Irene Marinari

Set/Prop Supervisor

Irene has a solid experience in fiction as well as in advertising. She has worked several times on sci-fi projects (La lisière, InsideWarhammer 40k…) We needed to develop visuals as diverse as cyberpunk, post apocalyptic and medieval fantasy, and she was definitely a strong asset.


Cyril Bron



Cyril Is a very experienced cinematographer, with a solid background in worldwide TV spots (Dior, Suzuki, Havas, Olympic Games) and many music videos.
He also worked on several fictions and documentaries. He received several awards for his work on Cassandra and Virtual Revolution.

Julien Riquier


He has already worked on several feature films (AfrikaCorseThe assignment 1.0White Lie) and on many commercials (Nissan, Club Med, KFC, etc.).
He recently directed his first documentary, L’odyssée Polaire.

Marc Azaguri

Set/Prop Designer

Marc is an FX make up artist / prothesist who worked on many projects, his expertise being mainly about creatures, wounds and sculptures.
He was one of the first in France to use 3D printers in his work. On the set of Cassandra, he was above all the props and set designer. On both films, he also was the art director, being a strong support for Guy-Roger's vision. He also received several awards.